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Anchor Chiropractic, panoramic


Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10Am - 12 noon
& 3Pm - 7Pm

Tuesday: 3Pm to 7Pm
Closed Thursday for research

Anchor Chiropractic Center is located at 90 West Grand, #103
(In between Main Street and the west bound 91 Freeway Grand Ave. onramp).

map, anchor chiropractic


......From the 91 FREEWAY headed West

the first Exit past the 15 FWY interchange is Main Street
Exit Main Make a RIGHT
Turn and immediately
Get in the LEFT hard turn Lane
Go LEFT on to Grand.
Past the Railroad St. Signal
We are on the RIGHT hand side

If you end up back under the freeway
By the post office , Saint Edwards Church.
Have gone too Far.

......From the 91 FREEWAY headed East

Exit Grand
at the signal make a RIGHT
After you go under the Freeway
We are in the shopping center on the LEFT hand side.
If you reach Railroad or Main Street.
Back up you just wait past us.

WARNING!!! There is no "#90" on our building.

aerial view, Anchor

Across the Street from Calvert Property

In the center with "Rent-a-Wheels"

The center on the corner of West Grand and RailRoad    

Corona is the Circle City. Grand Blvd. is that Circle

A little bit of it dips under the 91 fwy on the Norco side

Main Street cuts Grand in half into East & West. West is pointed down the freeway towards Orange County.

East is toward Riverside



Phone Line
Anchor Chiropractic Center
Dr. Alex Birren, Chiropractor
90 W. Grand #103
Corona, CA